Scare Care – Care for those who scare

What’s the Webcomic About?

Scare Care’s premise – a band of elementary school kids have established a temp service (Scare Care) for misunderstood monsters to help integrate the monsters into regular society by finding activities and services they can do among humans, as well as helping humans to understand they don’t need to fear the monsters.  Scare Care is full of puns and silly jokes, but the comic is gradually moving towards educating people about the negative effects of bullying. These monsters just wanting to be loved and cared about!

As someone who’s spent the majority of his adult life working in schools, I’ve seen the good and bad side of kids. But what’s even worse, I see the worst in adults more often than I would like, and I often ask myself “Why do adults treat each other poorly??” I constantly see kids showing kindness to other more often than adults. So, I decided to make a comic that showed the good deeds of kids and contrast that against an unjust, adult world.

The comic is very punny and filled with a lot of dad jokes, but I’m gearing it up to be placed in a much more substantial position in the near future.

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You can also help me raise money to do more with the comic by purchasing the printed book, which is a collection of many of the strips online, plus ones you won’t find online! Head on over to my Books tab to see how you can purchase your copy!