Some of the bigger projects I’ve had the pleasure of working on! From character designs, book illustrations, and illustrations for animated videos, it’s all right here! Take a look. Reach out to me if you’d like to hire me for your next project. And help support these amazing creators as well!

Population Health Video

I was contracted to illustrate a series of images that would later be animated into an instructional video about population health. The video was produced by a company called Rivet Visual, and created by Alex Horst. That’s right, I drew the characters and scenes and she animated them! The goal of Rivet Visual is to boost the aesthetic and creative appeal of health organizations through educational videos, logo designs, posters, etc. Alex Horst is a graphic designer specializing in animated videos, photo projects, and compelling graphic design. I look forward to working with this company and Alex more in the future!

Check out the video below!


The Pop Culture Beast was a project for, based in Los Angeles. PCB is a great entertainment review site. The Beast was developed alongside designer Vaughn Donahue from Destination Graphic.


Oliver and the Tickle Proof Pajamas was a great project to work on with author Julie Ginos! Oliver is a clever little boy who goes on a quest to find the perfect pair of pajamas to protect him from his Daddy’s tickles. You can purchase the book here!