Personal Projects

I always have my own stuff I’m working on. Usually WAY TOO MANY to manage. But the ones I’m working the hardest on are listed below.

The Post Apocalyptic Adventures of Sally and Jack

Based on a story concocted by a classroom of thirty 4th graders, this is the story about a sibling super team and their adventures in a post apocalyptic Earth. How they got there, why they have super powers is beyond them. All they know is their lives are always on the edge of disaster and chaos…and they have to work together to survive. Join Sally and Jack on their adventure as they figure out how in the world Earth became overrun with giant robots, mutant plants, zombies, kungfu rabbits, and no time for fun and games!

Find their adventures on Facebook and stay up to date with updates and news  by liking their page!  And if you’d like to support my efforts in bringing this comic to life, consider going to my patreon page!

Coffee Cup Art

From time to time, when I have nothing pressing or I need a break from the normal day-to-day stuff, I like to take disposable white coffee cups and use them as a canvas for some pop culture art! It started as a fun little experiment, but has become quite the phenomenon over at local coffee shop, the Wild Boar here in Fort Collins, CO. I draw on the cups and leave them at the shop for people to enjoy! Whatever pops in my head first, I draw it!

Fantasy Story Prompt Posters

Already featured in many art shows across Northern Colorado, my fantasy story prompt posters are geared at stirring new life into young imaginative spirits. With more illustrations on the way, each poster is representative of stories and characters I created as a boy. Find updates on this project over over at my Illustrator Jimmy Facebook page.