Espresso Patronum

I’m a BIG Harry Potter Fan. I try to read the books once a year (books 1-7, if possible) because there’s always something new that pops out at me every time I read them. What’s more surprising to me – every time I read the series, I discover a new character that I didn’t remember from the last time! As a character designer, it’s fun to find all these characters and see how J.K. Rowling describes them. Some have more description than others.

One day, I drew Harry Potter on a disposable coffee cup. Then I drew Hermione. Then Ron. I called the three cups “Espresso Patronum!” I posted them on social media and people began asking me to draw “Voldemort” or “Luna” or The Malfoy family! I kept drawing more Harry Potter characters and thought to myself “maybe I should just draw them all! Which is exactly what I’m doing now! If a character is even mentioned in the first seven Harry Potter novels I’m drawing them on a cup! It’s been a over a year since I started this series and I’m loving every bit of it.

I’ve currently found 246 characters in the first seven books. But I keep finding more to add to my list. But what you see below is what I’ve done thus far. I have to take breaks here and there because of commissioned work or my own personal projects, but I’m determined to finish the while series!

As far as what I’m going to do with these cups once I’m done, I have no idea. Right now I’m just enjoying the journey!  To follow my “Espresso Patronum” series as it develops, go follow me on instagram or facebook!