Let me be apart of your story!

I love when people commission me create something for them! It’s a fun challenge, and it also let’s me know that you want me to be apart of a story! Whether it be book illustrations, character commissions, or a project that just has a lot of meaning for you, it’s a collaboration that I love to be apart of! Fist Bump!

Of course, every project will vary depending on details. I work mainly with pencils, drawing pens, and those special markers that come with a $7 each price tag on them. (ugh!) But each stage of a drawing takes time, and depending on the complexity of what you want will dictate the rate. So, to give you an idea of what the rates could look like, I’ve detailed some things out for you below.

Shoot me an email if you’d like to commission me!

Let the scrolling commence…

Book Illustrations

STORIES!!!! They’re the best, right?

I go with a flat fee which is purely based on the number of pages I’ll be illustrating for your story, which is $30 per page, with a 10 page minimum. With any book project I do, I will produce a cover for you free of charge! Yeah, that’s right! I create a cover for your book for free!

Published works include Oliver and the Tickle-Proof Pajamas, written by Julie Ginos, and BHSart, by myself.

Character Illustrations

I’ve always prided myself on creating fun and awesome character drawings! I’ve just always enjoyed drawing expressive faces. I often use my own face as a reference, making all kinds of weird and silly faces.

This type of commission work I handle differently – changing the rate periodically depending on the time of year, special occasions, and/or when I’m simply feeling super generous! Character commissions are open most of the time unless I’m crazy busy. But all you have to do is tell me a character you want drawn for yourself, and I do it! Generally, my rates are as follows…

Face – $50 B&W, $60 Color
Waist Up – $60 B&W, $70 Color
Full Body – $70 B&W, $80 Color

Shipping rates will always apply, and I must receive payment before releasing any art to you. You will receive both the actual drawing as well as a digital copy.

Special Projects

There’s always art people want for some special project they have going on in their lives – maybe you’re getting married and want to have a special drawing for your loved one, or maybe you have a band or musical ensemble and need something for the album cover that will help your CD stick out among the rest, or you have a fun idea that you just want drawn out, or you simply need something that celebrates the special moments in your life.

OH, OH!! PICK ME!!! I love love doing that kind of stuff! It gives me the chance to get to know people, what makes them happy, and illustrate it!

My rates are a standard $40 per hour for this type of work. Because every project is different, setting an hourly rate is much easier to lay out there. When you contact me about doing a special project, and you give me the details about what you’re wanting, I can nail down a rough estimate about how long it will take me. But don’t worry, I’m more than willing to negotiate the rate with you.