With four published works under my belt,  and my own fun art books, I’m constantly looking for the next book to illustrate! All the books below can be found on Amazon.

2019 rates

Pricing Scenarios
Children’s Picture Book: $4,000
Any children’s book that does not exceed 30 pages of artwork. If the book exceeds 30 pages an additional charge will be added to the overall fee, assessed on a job by job basis.

Chapter Book Illustrations: $3,000
Typically black and white, this is a series of illustrations that appear either at the beginning of each chapter in a novel or periodically throughout the book.

Book cover illustrations and other work
Assessed on a job by job basis.

Please email me at to ask anything and to send a sample of your manuscript over! I look forward to reading your story!

Scare Care: Care for those who Scare

The is a collection of the comic strips that can be found on my web comic, Scare Care. It follows a band of elementary school kids that feel monsters are mistreated, misjudged, and unable to live in a world, peacefully, filled with people who fear and hate them. Scare Care, the name of the temp service aims to integrate monsters into a human society!
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Price: $20 + $10 shipping

The Monstrous Coloring Book of Monsters!

I draw monsters ALL THE TIME! So I decided to take my favorite drawings of monsters that I’ve done and jam them into one coloring book. It’s a 20 paged book with all types of monsters to color!

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Price: $10 + $10 shipping

Three Chickies

Three Chickies is an adaptation of a song that Rob made up as a young boy. A favorite among many family memories involves a young Rob walking around and singing this song wherever he went. After many years, much encouragement, and help from his brother-in-law and best friend, Three Chickies has been made into a book so that all young children can enjoy it. Hopefully, you and your children will happily share the reading experience and join with the chickies as they go on their ABC transportation adventure.

Without a doubt, this book was one of the more fun to illustrate. It allowed me to play around with the most extreme cartooning style for the kiddos!

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G Makes A Move!

In G Makes A Move, a friendly cat named G embarks on a journey where she discovers new smells, new shoes, crinkly paper, and double the love. It’s a story inspired by the author, Joshua Woolley, and his new wife’s cat, also named G.

I had a blast illustrating this book! I’ve even had the pleasure of meeting G in real life. This book is definitely true to G’s character. Find out the full story about G’s coping with a new person being added to her family. Lots of laughs and heartfelt fun.

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Price: $20 + $10 shipping


In 1938, O.C. Cash started the Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barbershop Quartet Singing in America (S.P.E.B.S.Q.S.A). In 1939, the very first international quartet contest was held, crowning the first society champions, the Bartlesville Barflies. And the tradition of crowning barbershop quartet champions continues to this day. This book is a celebration of every international quartet champion in our society – as a book of illustrations. Each piece of art is a thematic representation of each quartet since 1939 in what I feel best illustrates that quartet’s overall personality. This makes a great coffee table book and keepsake for anyone involved in this great musical hobby. If you’re a barbershopper, use this book as a way to let your nostalgia shine. If you don’t know anything about Barbershop Harmony, take this as an opportunity to learn something new! Purchase your copy at Amazon!

Oliver and the Tickle-Proof Pajamas

Oliver is a clever little boy who goes on a quest to find the perfect pair of pajamas to protect him from his Daddy’s tickles. Through his journey he learns to appreciate and embrace the affection and love he receives from his Daddy. It is a delightful story that is sure to engage young readers and parents and grandparents alike. Purchase your copy at Amazon!