Album Artwork

Let me make your album look amazing and unique!
I’ve had the honor and privileged of illustrating album covers for some of the best barbershop quartets in the world! Take a look at a few samples below.

If you’re looking for cover art for your upcoming album, but want something unique and fresh, contact me! I’ll listen to the story of your quartet or band, understand the theme of the album, put concepts together and keep you informed of the process. Let’s work together and make you album look great!

In between $350 and $500 depending on details and amount of time spent on producing the art.
You will receive multiple file formats as well as the original art!

Frenzy: Diva Las Vegas

Frenzy, 2017 International Sweet Adeline Quartet Champions, came out with their very first album! About a month after they won the international title, I did a piece commemorating their win. They saw it, love it, and asked me to put it on the actual CD face! I’m humbled and proud to play a small part in their quartet legacy. Go and purchase your copy at their website!

Storm Front: Scaramouche

Storm Front, 2010 international barbershop quartet champions, reached out to me again for yet ANOTHER album artwork piece. The cover is a homage to that of Queen…or at least their best effort. It’s both funny and musical. I’m most proud of the caricature design on this one, for many reasons. So happy to have another Storm Front cover art under my belt.

Order your copy at their website.

Signature: A Hint of Gold. A Tribute to Gene

The current 4th place international barbershop quartet, Signature, has finally come out with their first album – A Hint of Gold, a Tribute to Gene. Their mentor and coach, Gene Cokeroft (tenor of the 1961 international champions, Suntones) passed away recently. The Signature guys will tell you that everything they do is because of Gene. Every moment with him was a hint of gold. Last year in July they completely tore the house down with how much emotion and musicality they brought to the international stage and are currently the most talked about quartet coming into this year’s (2017) international competition in Vegas. The artwork was an amazing and fun challenge for me.

Order your copy at their website.

The Buzz: Forever Buzzed

The 2005 International Sweet Adelines barbershop quartet champions, the Buzz, hired me to illustrate the four of them buzzin’ around for the final album. They are a force within the Sweet Adeline’s organization and musical masters of the craft. I’m incredibly proud of this cover but with a bitter-sweet feeling since the Buzz will be hanging up their quartet towel by the end of 2018. It’s sad to see such an amazing quartet bid us farewell after such an amazing journey. I’m honored to have a small part in their championship legacy.

Order your copy at The Buzz’s website.

Storm Front: Misfit Toys

Storm Front, the 2010 International Barbershop Quartet Champions, and comedy quartet extraordinaire, contacted me to bring out the best in them for their 2016 Christmas Album…but as misfit toys! This album is a heart-warming collection of holiday music, with a number of silly songs and endearing arrangements appropriate for the Christmas season. This album cover was an absolute blast to put together and I’m thrilled to have a part in it’s success! Visit Storm Front’s website  to buy your copy of the album in time for Christmas!

Speed of Sound: Mach 2

The 2016 Sweet Adeline International Quartet Champions, Speed of Sound, asked me to provide some artwork for their second album – Mach 2! It’s filled with music that any A Capella lover will enjoy! From familiar songs of old, beautiful ballads, hilarious character driven songs, and much more! Being asked to contribute to SOS’s latest album is very special to me as they’ve been one of my favorite Sweet Adeline quartets ever since I first discovered them back in 2013. I’m honored to contribute a small part to their legacy! Visit their website to buy your album!

Kicking Back 2 Barbershop

The second installment of Recording with Josh‘s Barbershop project, Kicking Back 2 Barbershop includes more quartets and a wider variety! Including Last year’s quartet champions, Instant Classic, the popular GQ quartet, and many other top twenty qualifiers. I had an absolute blast putting together this album cover.

Kicking Back to Barbershop

I had the honor of illustrating the album artwork for the recently released CD, Kicking Back To Barbershop, featuring the BEST barbershop quartets in the world! The album features the the 2015 international quartet champions, Instant Classic, as well as all of the top ten quartets from the same competition. You won’t want to miss this rare recording! Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Joshua Arizmendi.
Colored by Brookes Ubersox!