Art For Sale

I have a lot of original artwork for sale! Below you’ll find what I have available for purchase along with details such as size, price, a description and story of the piece, and whether or not if it comes with a frame.

All artwork listed here is for the original, however prints are available if indicated below.

Please contact me via email ( if you would like to purchase anything listed below!

Update: I’m currently in the process of having high resolution photos taken of all my bigger art. Please be patient as I do this to make this list more complete.

Disney 1989 – 2000

Price: $1,000
Size: 30×40
Frame: included
Prints: Available upon request
Shipping costs will vary depending on location.

Having been born in 1981, my childhood is heavily influenced by that of Disney! I remember seeing the Little Mermaid in theaters, Beauty and the Beast MULTIPLE times, and so on all the way to the Emperor’s New Groove. I decided to do a piece celebrating the animated films that I grew up with and love to this day.

Superman 80 years!

Price: $600
Size: 30×40
Frame: not included
Prints available upon request
Shipping costs will vary depending on location.

Recently Action Comic hit a mile stone of 1,000 issues – the longest running comic book in history. 80 years is a long time for the Man of Steel. I decided to celebrate with a jumbo-sized drawing of Superman flying across Metropolis.

Coffee Cup Art

Price: $25 each
shipping will vary depending on location

From time to time, when I have nothing pressing or I need a break from the normal day-to-day stuff, I like to take disposable white coffee cups and use them as a canvas for some pop culture art! It started as a fun little experiment, but has become quite the phenomenon over at local coffee shop, the Wild Boar here in Fort Collins, CO. I draw on the cups and leave them at the shop for people to enjoy! Whatever pops in my head first, I draw it!

Fantasy Story Prompt Posters

Already featured in many art shows across Northern Colorado, my fantasy story prompt posters are geared at stirring new life into young imaginative spirits. With more illustrations on the way, each poster is representative of stories and characters I created as a boy. Find updates on this project over over at my Illustrator Jimmy Facebook page.

High res images coming soon.

Price: $200
Size: 18×14
Frame: Included
Shipping costs will vary